Constitutional homeopathy and Jungian psychotherapy in the centre of Prague

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Consulting place: Na rovni 12, Prague 6, subway line A Petřiny

Consulting hours by appointment only:

Tuesday 9.00 – 18.30

Wednesday 9.00 – 18.30

Thursday 9.00 -18.30  

Friday 9.00 – 19.30

For appointments phone or email contact is prefered.

In English, Italian, Spanish, French or Russian. 

Phone consulting:
Tu, We, Fri   8.30 – 9.00

The first consultation takes about 90 minutes. It includes an interview (and according to the kind of troubles, also a physical examination). It is useful to bring any results of previous medical investigation or laboratory tests.

The second consultation takes place usually no longer than one week after the first one. It takes about three quarters of an hour. There is a space for complementary questions from both parties, for explanation of the principles of homeopathic treatment, therapeutic consideration and prescription of the specific constitutional homeopathic remedy. The patient gets an exact recommendation of dosage and other complementary advice suitable for the situation (life style, diets, exrcise etc.)

The next meeting takes place usually no longer than three weeks after starting therapy, depending on the kind of disease and troubles. The frequency of follow-ups depends on the clinical state, demands and development of the situation, but it is usually every three, four or six weeks.

Payments: For the first part of entering consultation, adults pay 2800Kč and children pay 2400Kč. It is necessary to pay a reservation fee of 800Kč before coming to the first appointment. The rest is paid in cash during the first meeting.  

Cancellation of appointments is only possible upto 24hours prior to the appointment.

The fee for follow-ups is no more than 900Kč.

Online consulting (Skype): 1000Kč per hour

Cancellation less than 24 hours before: 900Kč

Psychotherapy: 1000Kč for 60min session



Telephone: +420 603 886 474 (sms preferred)

Bank account: 2109975425/2700

IBAN : CZ7527000000002109975425